Sweet Tooth & Baking

Understand that savory recipes are a guide, a tool if you will, to use in developing your own creative repertoire of culinary delights. A little more salt, a squeeze of fresh lemon, a dash of cumin…it is all up to your desired taste.

Baking however, is a more precise science. Recipe measurements for desserts, pastries, and breads should be exactly followed at least the first time – then start playing around. Remember, when you take something out, more often than not you need to substitute it with something or it may throw off the balance of the recipe.

If you want to make a banana bread with honey and not sugar – no problem…but my advice is to Google various banana bread recipes with honey that recipe has more than likely been tested.

For example, in my Texas Sheet cake, most recipes call for ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, and I prefer it without cinnamon which didn’t affect the complexity of the outcome. Leave out a ½ teaspoon of salt however – and it may very well taste like crap. I’m sorry, not the best choice of words…but you get my drift.


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