Your Most Memorable Meal

meatlafMy mom would ask each of us kids (me, my brother Byron, and sister Pamela) what we wanted for our birthday dinner…my selection would always be Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Peas. To this day, this brings my minds-eye back to mom, home, and comforting times.

We all have had a meal that we remember fondly…a time, a place, a person who we cherished and will hold close to our hearts. Of course it could be memorable because it was a disaster. I would love to hear your most memorable meal ever. Tell us all about it, and don’t leave anything out.


On September 09, 2014, Danny said:
Any meal my wife makes is a memorable meal!

On October 09, 2014, NK Wilson said:
Bailey's Chicken Marsala followed by Bailey's chocolate cake with chocolate icing. A glass of pinot noir with the chicken and a good cup of coffee with the cake. Perfect.